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The All Natural T-Shirt™

Organic cotton. Natural dyes. Nothing else.

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Naturally dyed clothing made to be worn every day.

"Our mission is to show that it's possible to make clothing that's good for people and good for the environment, and still make it something you want to wear every day. By only using biodegradable materials and natural dyes whenever possible, we hope to help our customers slowly build a more sustainable wardrobe—season after season, year after year."

— Ted & Jordan

Organic cotton. Natural dyes. Nothing else.

Our T-shirts are made without the use of synthetic dyes and other toxic chemicals, making them better for you and better for the environment.

100% Made in the USA.

Grown in West Texas, cut and sewn in North Carolina, and then dyed by hand in the Pacific Northwest before being delivered to you.

No better feeling Tees in the world.

Once you experience the feel of clothing made entirely from natural dyes and biodegradable materials, you'll never want to wear anything else.

Plant Dyes

Indigo, turmeric, madder root—our dyes come from plants that grow in the ground and not from toxic chemicals.

Biodegradable Fibers

Plastic doesn't belong in clothing where it can end up in our water and our food chain. We prefer natural fibers that biodegrade.

Circular Design

We draw on the principles of circular design. Our dyes and fibers grow in the ground and then return to the soil when their lives are up.

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