Native Color
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Native Color
All-natural apparel and accessories made in the U.S.A.

About Us


Wear Natural™

We’re a small company on a mission to inspire people to think about what their clothes are made of. Our products remind the wearer of what's possible in the future when we commit to making more sustainable choices today.

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Naturally Dyed Jewelry

All of our jewelry is dyed in-house using colors from nature. We use only dyes sourced from plants and other natural ingredients like organic indigo, madder root, turmeric, and iron. 

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Made By Hand in Austin, Texas

There is a different feeling and aesthetic to goods that are crafted by hand. All of our products are made by us right here deep in the heart of Texas.

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Biodegradable By Nature

Nothing lasts forever. By using all-natural materials like coconut husk and silk, we've designed our jewelry to break down naturally in the environment when its useful life is over.


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