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Welcome to the Wear Natural Blog! ✌️🌿

by Ted Muething |

Welcome! We're proud to introduce you to the new Wear Natural blog from Native Color. Every week we'll be bringing you news, interviews, buying guides, product recommendations and more from the world of all natural and sustainable fashion.

When we founded Native Color more than three years ago, we were driven by the desire to create the clothing company that we wished existed. Today, that same sentiment is behind the Wear Natural blog.

It's a very exciting time for sustainable fashion and conscious capitalism. There are more companies than ever working to deliver more environmentally friendly clothing to consumers, and more consumers than ever that are demanding it.

The Natural Fashion Blog We Wished Existed

But despite this incredible growth in sustainable and natural fashion, we feel there still aren't very many resources for those that want to dive deeper. There are conversations happening all over the place, but no one central community where people can come to discuss their favorite sustainable brands or learn more about the art and history of natural dyes, to name a few examples.

So we decided to create the blog that we wish existed. Over time we'll cover all of those things here on the Wear Natural blog, as well as share the latest Native Color news and product releases along the way. Hell, we'll probably cover our favorite books and natural wines from time to time, too.

We just want to create a resource for those that are as inspired by natural fashion and thoughtful living as we are.

Join the Wear Natural Community

But Wear Natural is already more than a blog. Every Monday we'll be publishing the Wear Natural Weekly email newsletter where we'll send you all the sustainable fashion headlines and style tips that we couldn't fit into the blog.

You can also follow Wear Natural on Instagram and Twitter, where we'll post our favorite natural outfits, styling tips, and sustainable fashion news daily.

But most of all Wear Natural is a community. We want to build a two-way street where we source the best tips and product recommendations from you. You can contribute to the conversation by joining the comments below, subscribing to the Wear Natural newsletter, and tagging us on Instagram or Twitter.

Just by being here and reading this you are helping us to build the Wear Natural community. We can't wait to explore the world of natural clothing with you.