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The Wear Natural Manifesto

Native Color is committed to the principles of Wear Natural™. We’re on a mission to encourage people to think more about the materials their clothes are made from, and choose options that are better for people and the environment.

If you share these values, please spread the word by sharing the manifesto with your friends. You can also share your favorite all-natural looks with us on Instagram by tagging them @WearNatural and #WearNatural.



1.    Buy less

Too much consumption is always harmful to the environment. Sustainability starts with moderation.

2.    Quality matters

The most sustainable option is the one that lasts the longest. Paying for quality now reduces waste in the future.

3.    Choose natural fibers and materials

When possible, choose products made with 100% natural plant or animal byproducts. Otherwise, choose the next-closest option.

4.    Celebrate natural textures and tones

The finishing process is the most toxic stage in clothing manufacturing. Celebrate the beauty of natural textures and tones, and opt for naturally-occurring colors over added dyes. 

5.    Seek out colors from natural dyes

Colors should come from natural sources—like plants, insects, and minerals—and be dyed in a way that minimizes harm on people and the environment.

6.    Buy from responsible brands

Vote with your dollars. Demand transparency from the brands you buy from, and look for companies that take responsibility at every stage of the product lifecycle.

7.    Support ethical farming practices

It starts with the farmers. Show support for family-owned farms that practice organic and regenerative farming methods.

8.    Biodegradable is better

Decomposition is nature's recycling process. Choose products that will break down easily in the soil over time, providing nutrients and continuing the natural cycle.


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