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Wear & Care Info

If you have any additional questions about caring your your new Native Color goods, just email for help.



The All Natural T-Shirt™

Because of the traditional dyeing process, each Native Color T-shirt is unique. Over time your T-shirt will develop a one-of-a-kind wear pattern—the sign of a truly natural T-shirt.

Bleeding and fading is natural. To prolong the life of your naturally dyed T-shirt, wash with like colors in cold water. Hang dry away from direct sunlight.

This is a natural garment. Avoid exposure to citric acid to prevent bleaching—especially lemons, limes, and hand-squeezed margaritas.

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    Naturally Dyed Stacking Beads

    Because of the traditional dyeing process, each bead is unique and will develop its own wear pattern over time. No two sets of beads will ever be alike.
    To extend the life of your beads, we recommend that you do not get them wet.

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